Tax March Philly April 15, 2017

Today me and my favorite peeps (Dad, hubby and niece) exercised our 1st amendment rights marching on the streets of Philly to hold our so-called president accountable. He works for WE THE PEOPLE now and we DEMAND to see his tax returns. If he’s got nothing to hide why not show us then? After all he did state on camera that he would! but we all know the real reason he won’t. #liar #cheat #fraud #traitor #corrupt

Fight for the Children

Sweet Simple Living


After Newtown and Boston I found myself getting more and more disgusted with all the gun violence in our country. I wanted to become involved in the fight for more gun control by reaching out to national and grassroots campaigns and contacting my state legislators. As I listened to the news and personal stories of victims, read blogs and Facebook pages, I decided to create my own Facebook page devoted to the gun control cause. I thought that posting and highlighting gun crime news in my area and around the nation could be a constant reminder why more gun control is so important and necessary. I also post other articles and photos but my main purpose is to post daily gun crime stories. This is my way of contributing to the cause and honoring victims of gun violence. 

Please visit my Facebook page here: How Many More Must Die? – Delaware Valley

or my Twitter…

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There was a time when southern preachers argued FOR slavery because it was God’s will, the same way people preach today AGAINST gay rights.

The same people preaching against gay marriage have pre-marital sex, commit adultery and get divorced, which according to the Bible are all sins. Hmmm. Jesus said, “He without sin cast the first stone.” He also said to love your neighbor as yourself. How will people know the love of Christ if we don’t show them?

Living the way God wants us to live is not found only in trying to fulfill the law. It is impossible to do anyway. This world and all of us in it are full of sin. But the way to live for God IS done by Loving One Another as God Loved Us. When we are IN HIS LOVE, then our lives on the outside match up with His Love that resides inside us.