There was a time when southern preachers argued FOR slavery because it was God’s will, the same way people preach today AGAINST gay rights.

The same people preaching against gay marriage have pre-marital sex, commit adultery and get divorced, which according to the Bible are all sins. Hmmm. Jesus said, “He without sin cast the first stone.” He also said to love your neighbor as yourself. How will people know the love of Christ if we don’t show them?

Living the way God wants us to live is not found only in trying to fulfill the law. It is impossible to do anyway. This world and all of us in it are full of sin. But the way to live for God IS done by Loving One Another as God Loved Us. When we are IN HIS LOVE, then our lives on the outside match up with His Love that resides inside us.

Not all that far fetched

My thoughts exactly (and I have to use Colbert’s picture again):

Scared of these nuts says:
September 13, 2011 at 3:37 pm

Ask yourself what the Tea Party’s agenda is. The answer is genocide. They want anyone who cannot afford insurance to die. They want old people to die so they don’t have to fund SS. They want blacks to die because they are racist. They don’t want to help the low income in any way. They tell them to help themselves by getting a job but they don’t take into account that many people work low wage jobs that leave them without healthcare or enough to even pay their rent. They don’t care because they want you to die. If you aren’t rich enough to afford what they can afford you should die. Your life has no value unless you have money. Money, not Jesus is their God.
Yet they hide under the banner of Christianity. This folks, is the anti-christ.