Crochet for a Cause!

Wow, it’s been a while since I blogged! My last blog was about 7 months ago from NC, and that’s about how long it takes to really settle down in a new home, in my experience. Anyway, a lot has happened since April. Thankfully me and Rocky worked all summer at the casinos in Atlantic City. But since Hurricane Sandy I haven’t been back to work but that changes tonight, thank God, because we are broke!

Since the weather got cooler I’ve been crocheting A LOT. I love it! I love the different yarns, the colors, the textures and I really love to make things that can be used for a purpose, not just as decoration. My girlfriend Danielle had a baby girl a couple months ago so I gave her a pretty baby blanket I made before she was born. I like making things that are fairly quick and simple so I thought why not just make a big granny square with pretty girly colors and with a smaller than usual crochet needle. So here it is, just a big granny square, tho not too big for baby, using size H needle. If I remember correctly it was approx. 40″ x 40″ and it looks like 30 rows plus a single crochet border.


My helpful husband Rocky holding it up for the picture :)

I’ll be taking pictures of shawls and scarves I’ve made as well, will post them later. But right now I want to add a few links on how crafters are making a difference, donating their time and talent making beautiful scarves, hats, gloves, blankets, shawls, etc. to people in need. And with the recent hurricane disaster many people are making things for those affected by Sandy.

Our church, United Methodist church of Absecon, has a Faithful Fingers ministry based on the Prayer Shawl Ministry. We are working on replenishing our supply since our closet is empty right now:

Also this was just started by Linda Babcock, who also runs the Faithful Fingers ministry:

Here’s another link of a NJ girl who started making hats for the homeless:

And I just found this link on a fellow WordPress blog:

It’s gonna be a busy winter!  Happy crocheting!