Ju Ju Beans and Jenny at the chicken pen

Well it looks like our time here in North Carolina has come to an end.  Rocky and I are moving back to New Joisey to begin a new chapter in our lives!  We are so excited but of course it will be a bittersweet goodbye.  I know cousin Mark will take good care of the homestead but we will miss living on this beautiful property and all our critters and of course my cousins!

Driveway next to the house

The biggest reason we’re moving is to be closer to our families.  I think Rocky could live anywhere in the world but my heart remains tied to South Jersey where I grew up.  I always feel torn between New Jersey and North Carolina but we can always visit down south once or twice a year until we decide what to do with the house.

The challenge now will be can we maintain our “sweet, simple life” up there amidst all the hustle and bustle but I think we can and it’ll be worth it because most importantly we’ll be closer to our families.  Of course, I can’t wait to see the beach and all of my favorite spots like Batsto Village, the Wildlife Refuge and Cape May!  New Jersey here we come!

Brigantine National Wildlife Refuge

6 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. Mel, North Carolina will miss you. I am in the Fayetteville/Fort Bragg area. It’s been my home all my life. I’m glad you were part of us for a time. God bless you in your new home. Keep writing. Tell us all about the move and your new life there. I’ll be waiting. Sandy

    1. thank you Sandy, we sure Miss North Carolina but our families are up here! not an easy choice. anyway, God bless you and we’ll keep on blogging. :)

      1. I understand. I’ve never lived more than 3 houses away from my parents. And I’m related to everyone that lives in a half-mile of my home. In fact, we now live in the home in which I grew up. Enjoy your family. Think of NC fondly. Sandy

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