So I decided that I’d hang some curtains in the 3 doorways leading into my living room since there was such a breeze blowing through. I bought the curtains cheap; I went to Dollar General and spent $12 each on 2 sets of brown 84″ panels. I already had a pretty floral pair for the doorway leading into the dining room. I also bought 3 tension rods for $3.00 each because I didn’t want to drill holes and ruin the trim. Not only do the curtains make the living room look good but now it feels so warm and cozy, especially when the fireplace is going.

During the day, though, I like to keep the curtains tied back but instead of buying a half-dozen tie backs I thought I’d make my own. I love to crochet so I got some Peaches and Cream white cotton yarn and started my design!

First I chained 50, skipped the first 2 holes, then double crocheted (DC) 40, leaving 8 loose chains on the end. Then I chained 2 and turned. Then it was another row of 40 DC. At the end I chained 8 and joined with a slip stitch to make the loop. I did the same on the other end by joining the 8 loose chains to make another loop. I tied it tight and fastened and cut off the extra yarn and that was it for my tie back!

Of course, that was too plain for me so I bought some glass beads to hang in the middle of the tie back. It helps weigh it down some and it looks pretty. I took 2 pieces of yarn almost a foot long, folded in half and pulled a loop through the middle of the tie back. I then stuck the bottom of the yarn into the glass bead, pulled up to the top and then tied a knot at the bottom to hold the bead in place. I screwed in mug hooks on each side of the doorway, wrapped the tie back around the curtain and voila! They were so simple to make and they work!

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