well this is cool. not really, I can’t sleep and hubby is snoring as usual. ahh the life of a newlywed is not so rosy after all. but it is life and it is good. I guess my first post can be me bragging about how much in love we are. and I hope it lasts a long, long time. well maybe I’ll save the bragging for another day.

But how I got here is this, I registered on wordpress by accident, was trying to comment on someone else’s page and I had to register and now here I am typing my own nonsense, not saying the other person’s page was nonsense because it was not! anyway, I think this could be a good outlet for me. I just wanna share some of my thoughts and maybe I’ll help somebody out there, somehow along the way, like the woman did for me as I read her blog. and we’ll see how this blog transforms itself as I add things down the road.

As far as the name I picked, “Seeking Peace and Simplicity” well, I guess it’s pretty self explanatory because it is what I seek on a daily basis through #1 GOD, prayer and meditation and in my work, my relationships, and my home here in Dallas, NC which I love by the way and I will get into that. Except for feeling homesick now and then, living here in the south is a MUCH more simpler way of life and back to the basics and just beautiful compared to living in New Jersey. However, I do miss South Jersey, especially the shore, not to mention family and friends…and of course my new family in Philly! kinda sucks, we get married and 2 weeks later we moved down here, so I only get to know my in-laws via Facebook and phone. and that’s okay, too.  but I sure can’t wait to visit…

well, I never thought I’d be blogging but anyway, here’s to a new blog out there!

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