Fall is here and it’s time to mulch over all my sensitive plants and flowers. Thank God we had a huge pile of mulch left here by our renters. My canna lilies will do fine without it, they have multiplied so much over the past couple of years and I’ve already dug up some bulbs and planted them elsewhere (like all over the yard!) But I just planted a small rosemary bush and I know that definitely needs some mulch. I also planted it close to the house for added protection. Last time I planted elephant ears they died so this year I put mulch around them. Hopefully they will come back next year. I’m also going to mulch over all the angel trumpets that I planted out there in the field. They’ll get full sun out there even though they only bloom at night or when it’s cloudy. And they smell sooo good! I can’t wait to see what it looks like around here next spring. ugh – let’s get through fall and winter first!

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