And good for the soul! I spent about an hour outside today, shoveling mulch into the back of the John Deere and spreading it out in my garden beds and I got to thinking (after wiping the sweat from my brow) gardening is really good exercise!  And not only that, there are many other benefits to it is as well.  So here are my simple and unscientific reasons why I think gardening is so good for us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually:

Physically, the body probably uses every muscle by digging and shoveling (arms, back and stomach), squatting and walking and bending (legs and butt).  The heart rate increases, pumping more oxygen to the cells and breathing gets heavier clearing out the lungs.  The sweet fragrances of flowers, the fresh air, nice breeze and sun shining down is pleasing to the senses which makes a person feel good emotionally (also, the sun is a natural way of receiving vitamin D into the body).  The mental benefits come when one’s mind is focused on this project of beautifying their surroundings.  This constant focus becomes like a meditation, keeping one’s mind off of the worries and concerns of the day.

For me, I feel closest to God when I am in nature, admiring His creation and letting the quietness and serenity fill my soul. This is also why hiking in the woods is another favorite past-time of mine. I am filled with a sense of wonder at all of the different plants, trees, flowers and fruits He created and I appreciate the goodness of it all.  He created these things for us because our Father in heaven loves us.  Thank you, God.

So that’s why I think gardening, or any kind of yard work for that matter, is just plain old good for you!  Plus, it’s free!  No membership fees or spending gas money or bus fare to get to the gym.  Are you listening, babe?!  Hubby loves working out at the gym.  He was born and raised in the city so that’s how he used to get his exercise but now he’s here with me…and now he can start helping me with the yard work!  :)

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